The easiness of use

First the try it and after some training they're just wizards. Thats how kids work and learn things. Whopping Apps are perfectly suitable for first App ever used by toddlers. It is actually a picture book with high quality pictures, sounds and videos. Pages turn automatically or by swiping. There are the main features and there is not much else You can do. The top bar has some extra links for additional info and a link to a Facebook page, but they will open inside the app.

The high quality content

Whopping Apps is an app family, which consist from individual apps, like Whopping Diggers. Eg. whopping Diggers has nearly 100 photos about diggers, backhoes, dumpers, graders, tractors etc. Addition to that, there are videos included also inbetween. Some photos come with a sound effect relating the picture. Photos are crisp and with vivid colours, and they're shot all around the world. No external links to Youtube or "Freestyle Internet" with not-so-safe-content.

Works with iPhone and iPad

Native resolution for both, supporting Retina and iPad. Whopping Apps will keep updating all the time, so the amount of photos and videos will rise in the future. Practically all of the content lies inside Your phone, so You dont have to worry about Your data plan, if You're outside WiFi. It makes Whopping Apps a perfect companion for trips too!

Developed by parents, tested by kids, enjoyed by kids and parents

Popularity says it all. Over 50 000 downloads in first three months! Join the growing group of happy toddler families and try the Whopping Apps. They're FREE. If You like it (and even if the kids love it!), please leave a rating or review. Good feedback keeps us working with updates like a mule.

Make a whopping Contribution - Send in Your own picture! If You have picture from the category and want to share it with the world and bring extra joy to thousands of kids around the world, just send Your pics here! Details will follow..

About Us

Whopping Apps HQ is located in Kirkkonummi, Finland.

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