Whopping Apps became a Science Sponsor for a kindergarten

Science Center Heureka (located in Vantaa, Finland) offers Science Sponsor packets for companies. The Science Sponsor packet (Tiedekummi packet) provides companies with the possibility to offer a day of discovery at the Finnish Science Centre Heureka to a specific school class in the metropolitan area. The packet includes admission to Heureka’s various exhibitions as well as round-trip bus transportation between the school and Heureka on the day of the visit.

By the sponsorship of Whopping Apps, an Espoo based kindergarten Sahrami (eng. Saffron) has a chance to spend a day in the science park. Hopefully we can get some pictures from trip too!

Diploma about Whopping apps being a Science Sponsor for kindergarten Sahrami located in Espoo, Finland.
“By the sponsorship students were introduced to science and technology and also provided a memorable trip to science center Heureka.”

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