Privacy Policy?

YES, we have one. In a nutshell: We don’t collect ANY personal data. It is quite normal nowadays that some analytics data is collected. Like coarse location data, where the app is used (country basis or so), how long it was being used etc. All this data is based on devices, not human, nor human’s names, addresses, interest nor anything like that. You can read the whole privacy policy here:

I’m getting no sound, what now?

No panic, sometimes the app or apps (other than Whopping Apps too!) goes to mute by itself. Please go through the checklist below to get the sounds back. So far there is no Whopping App which would have stayed muted for good, so worries away.

  1. Launch the app. This is essential, the app must be running when doing the adjusments. Each app has its own volume setting, so even if some other apps work just fine, this one could be muted.
  2. While the app is running, switch the mute button on/off/on. Making also sure that it was not accidentally left on.
  3. Adjust the volume with the side buttons. Just to make sure that the volume is not in zero.
  4. Double tap home button and the “task manager” appears. Swipe right to reveal some controls from the left. Here you can see the software volume control. Adjust that also from minimum to maximum and then something else than minimum. Also make sure that AirPlay output to some other device is not enable. Tap home button to return to the app.
  5. Try to restart the app by tapping home, waiting for 5 seconds, then relaunch the app.

In-App Purchase instructions

Most of the functions are free. I really like to keep this app perfectly usable without any purchasing. However, the old saying about free lunch applies here too, so that i why ads are there. By making the purchase, You will gain some extra stuff and functions. And the ad freedom. Please read further.

To restore the purchase on other devices, just tap the restore button and enetr your App Store login and password, just like you did when you bought it the first time. After giving them, you will get a notification that you’ve already bought this and do you want to download it for free. Tap yes here, restart the app and thats it. This is a built-in feature on the App Store, so you will not be billed twice, I can guarantee that.


About Us

Whopping Apps HQ is located in Kirkkonummi, Finland.

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