Trains and Diggers getting updated!

Whopping Diggers, Whopping Trains (both free and paid) are getting updated very soon, hopefully before end of this week (the updates are ready and sent already to App Store, but Apple approves them and that takes the couple of days).

For Whopping Diggers LITE and Whopping Trains LITE the changelog is similar to both:


Bouncing off from the app is possible only from the first page and one other page

    • Top bar only has play/pause and music on/off
    • The links from the first page takes You to a webpage, which intrernally open inside app, so just hit the red cross and You’r back with the app.
    • If You like to open eg. the app store etc., You have to click the icons on the webpage, and then You’re bounced off
    • The above sounds difficult, but it is better that way than easily-bounced off from the app by a single mistap


More videos and pictures!

    • total of 11 now in Trains
    • total of 6 new in Diggers

Improved stability (applies to Whopping Trains PAID too)

    • Had some reports of “app not starting at all”. Found it happening in devices with small free space and after heavy usage.
    • Re-installing the app fixes this – or at least until it occurs again
    • Improvement should be effective for this

New icon design (applies to Whopping Trains PAID too)

    • iPhone4 has a bit cooler icon
    • iPad & non-retina devices has similar to the old design
    • The orange LITE-bar is discarded
    • Naming schema also changed so that LITE is discarded, and PAID version becomes PRO version. From now on the free versions can be found without any suffix, and the PAID version has the PRO suffix.


Whopping Trains PAID version has the the improvements noted above.

The new naming schema is due to the download rates. When compared to free version of Whopping Trains to paid version, paid has under 0,5% share. So it is clear that the free version is the main product and PRO is a niche, if You want the ads off and some extra content. This is way for example the paid version for Diggers not been done yet. But it will be done next. Its about the same as normal Diggers, but without ads. Price will be most likely $3.99 and -50% for loyal heavyusers for a couple of days after the launch. So stay tuned.


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