ABCs with Animals gets updated!

Monkey listen, monkey do. Regarding the good feedback we got, we’ve been busy. So first update for ABCs with Animals should be available on the App Store no later than this friday, June 22nd 2012. It includes some improvements into the main screen as well as possibility to disable the Wikipedia Ladybug from the letter pages. Disabling is made via iPad’s settings. See the detailed list of improvements:

✔ Buttons for Facebook, Rating, Website and More Apps are hidden behind the “Parents tap here” button. Tap and hold the button for 5 seconds to reveal the extra feature buttons. And of course please tap those revealed buttons and rate and check out other Whopping Apps!

✔ The Wikipedia ladybug can be disabled from the iPad’s setting menu. The same place, where background music can be shut off too. Wikipedia Laydybug still lurks at the main menu, but one has to tap and hold it for 3 seconds, before it activates.

✔ Added some more pictures (like Shark attack!)

✔ Added the word “Whopping” into the App name which appears on the App Store.

✔ Other small fixes like…err..who remembers this stuff?! :}

iPhone version is soon ready, expect that in July. The Whopping ABCs with Machinas and other cool stuff is under development too. Stay optimistic and expect that also in July.:)


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