Whopping Puppies gets a major update


Whopping Puppies will be the first to have the major update for all the Whopping Apps. New update features naturally new videos, but also significant improvements, like:

  • Video does not pause, when You tap the screen
  • Videos / photos cannot be zoomed
  • App does not run in the background, making it now more stable and resource saving
  • And finally: possibility to buy ads away with integrated IAP. Buying ads away also unlocks three extra videos!

Whopping Frogs will be the next to be updated. These two have not the been most updated ones in the porfolio, so it thats why the not-so-popular-ones get the major updates first. After frogs, Whopping Diggers will be the next to be updated.

Whopping Puppies is available for free on the App Store. Get it here: DOWNLOAD!

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